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Documentaries Production

we produce films and documentaries about nature And underwater, wildlife and expeditions.

Professional Leasing Services

we provide a wide range production tools like cinema, video and photography cameras, lenses underwater housings, mics, editing suites, etc from brands like RED, Gates & others.

Consultion Services

we help with your media projects, to form your skilled team, and to pick the right tools.

Video Gallery



It is all about Discovery, Photography Diving & Documentary Film making

And we aim to share this wonderful experiences with You.

To fulfill all documentary & film production requirements.

Organizing safari & diving expeditions.

We understand your needs and provide the best solutions to deliver great results.

Of many talents, skills & specializations plus the top notch tools & equipment.


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Why choose AL MUHEET?

TV & Cinema Productions

It has been Ten years since the journey begun. A journey for discovery, exploration & adventure. You will find us high in the sky or deep into the sea, on mountains, perhaps in the middle of a desert or a jungle to capture moments that have a story to tell.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Trust
  • Leading
  • Passion

To go beyond and set world class standards.

Our story begins with our mission, which serves as our purpose as a multicultural and multidimensional company and drives every action and decision we take. Seeing the bigger picture and helping others to do so Bringing your vision and story to life Creating a rewarding experience – for you and your audience

We understand the importance of communication and building trust. Our focus and expertise provides you amazing works, you can rely on us

Our crew and technical team are trusted experts in their field delivering great results we leave the drama to you.

Knowledge, passion, pride and professionalism guaranteed by AL MUHEET Co.

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