It has been Ten years since the journey begun. A journey for discovery, exploration & adventure. You will find us high in the sky or deep into the sea, on mountains, perhaps in the middle of a desert or a jungle to capture moments that have a story to tell.

Documentaries Production

we produce films and documentaries about nature And underwater, wildlife and expeditions.

The ability

To fulfill all documentary & film production requirements.

Professional Leasing Services

we provide a wide range production tools like cinema, video and photography cameras, lenses underwater housings, mics, editing suites, etc from brands like RED, Gates & others.

Professional team

Of many talents, skills & specializations plus the top notch tools & equipment.

Consultion Services

we help with your media projects, to form your skilled team, and to pick the right tools.

Extensive experience

Organizing safari & diving expeditions.

AL MUHEET is one of the biggest rental company in the UAE, the company’s equipment range vary and fit all needs. Cameras, lighting, grip, sound, power and supportive equipment are tailored to suit customer requirements.

We offer the following services and equipment hire to our clients on a stand-alone basis or as part of a comprehensive turnkey solution:


 Camera Lenses Camera Accessories Monitors Lighting Tripods

Head Butterfly / Flags Cutter Audio Dolly Camera Cranes Camera Support Grip Accessories Crew / Transportation

Our Partners

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